Saturday, October 16, 2010

Striped Pink Pajamas & a Holiday

That's what the top of this blog reminds me of.  I wish I could say I own a pair just like it, but I don't.  Maybe I'll suggest pink stripe pj pants as the next A.C. Valor fashion-forward idea.  Even the most motivated among us have to sleep, you know.

Speaking of, I probably *should* be sleeping right now.  It's fortunate for me that blogging while drowsy isn't as dangerous as driving while drowsy, because I apparently lack the willpower to not get behind the keyboard right now.  I have to publically celebrate that today is the greatest holiday in the month of October, (except maybe for Halloween, but definitely a close second).  Why, golly gee, it's National Boss's Day!  I know that, traditionally, because it falls on a Saturday, that most workplaces celebrated it yesterday, on the 15th.  But since I don't work in a cubicle down the hall from my boss, but, rather, a day's drive across state lines away, I feel absolutely free to embrace the holiday ON the day.  On a Saturday.  Imagine!

According to The Huffington Post via Adecco, the greatest percentage of Americans polled would like to work for Oprah.

It's a shame that no one included me in this survey, because I, for one, would like my vote to be counted that I would rather work for no one but Michaela Smithley.  Michaela, who embodies the determination, dedication, & resilience that makes other military wives proud.  Michaela, who gracefully balances a busy family of 6 (and soon to be 7!) with a successful business, all while having an active duty Marine husband whose own schedule is none too accomodating.  Michaela, who was my friend before she was my boss, & I'm proud to call her both.

This is Michaela.  She really is as sweet as she looks.  But don't let that fool you.  She has grit, determination, & ingenuity in spades.  Also fashion sense that makes me envious.  (That's probably why she's the designer & I'm the blogger.)  She started the business that is now known as A.C. Valor in her living room six years ago, sewing camouflage totes from old uniforms when the Marine Corps made the switch to digital cammies, rendering the macropattern obsolete.  Within two years she was creating a licensed company & introducing a line of clothing, which was carried in Marine Corps Exchanges worldwide within another year.  The business has done nothing but expand, serving a growing population of young, trendy military wives, girlfriends, mothers, & children, to name a few of our customer base. 

And yet, Michaela is humble, approachable, & willing to roll up her sleeves.  This spring, when her head printer was called to jury duty, Michaela gladly screen printed 300 pairs of shorts herself.

This might be less exceptional in its own right if you didn't know that two hours later, she had to be at the airport to greet her husband, who was returning from a six month deployment!  And yet when he arrived, she looked fresh as a daisy. 

And yet even while keeping the schedule she keeps, Michaela has an innate ability to be thoughtful & gracious.  In the years we have worked together, we've PCSed to new states, bought new houses, seen our husbands leave for and return from foreign countries.  We've even been pregnant together.  And she has always found time to remember & to ask about my children, my husband, even my parents.  She has commemorated milestones with me, & I'm so very grateful to have her as my boss, & even more grateful to have her as my friend.

So here's to you, Michaela, & a very happy Boss's Day.